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Economy: GOP Fear-Mongering Ø — Obama and Reality 1 — Booming

Major Update (Revision) to the Following Original Post (below). 

Some of the headlines today (January 5, 2015:

U.S Economy Booming due the mighty dollar

Much of the recent decline in the Euro has been about the strength of the greenback.

During the second half of 2014, the U.S. dollar made significant gains against all other major global currencies, such as the British pound, Swiss franc and Japanese yen.

The U.S. economy is motoring, growing by 5% in the third quarter, and creating jobs at a rapid pace. That has allowed the Federal Reserve to end its emergency stimulus -- or quantitative easing -- and begin talking about when to raise interest rates from their record lows.

Compare the U.S. with the Eurozone: unemployment is stuck near record highs, the economy is stagnating, and the risk of deflation looms large.

In Japan officials are going all in with stimulus. 

Yet all across the GOP, the ones about to take total control of Congress tomorrow, we see the faces of these two GOP "leaders" in that Congress - why? They couldn't make Mr. Obama a "one-term" president, most of the scandals they hung on him did not produce anything except smoke and mirrors, and despite their pledge to "serve the American people" (their standard floor sound byte), they have have nothing to help - only hinder and block. Again, why?

Speaker Boehner (R-OH) and new Senate Majority "Leader" McConnell (R-KY):
Looking depressed and rejected or dejected: Why???

Original Post Starts Here: Mr. Obama faced a dark office and country filled with fear and uncertainty when he took office on January 20, 2009:

  • Dark days hung over Mr. Obama and the country - we nearly fell into the 1929 abyss.
  • Everything looked and was in fact, pretty ugly. 
  • Gloom and doom were the operative words of the day.
  • The entire system looked bleak - aggressive action was needed.
  • Some of above number prove the point.

Added to that misery was the GOP who commenced and pledged their massive, relentless anti-Obama everything campaign. Their stated #1 priority was: “To make Barack Obama a one-term president” thus stated Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Um ... so how'd that work out Mitch???

Yes, the GOP gets their majority next month ... but what have you done since 2009 and what does the future hold? My first guess would be zilch, nada, nil, nothing, oh except sustain a 10% job approval rating and seemed to have worn it with pride and continue their anti-Obama everything campaign.

A lot of credit is due Mr. Obama. The country owes him a great deal.

My post here has these charts and video that reflect the GOPer's own words to back up the Obama success and the GOP's utter failure. Also, I blame the DEMS for losing in November, why? Pretty simple: they did not back Mr. Obama and take credit for the successes and take that to the voters. In short, the DEMS fell for the massive, sick, very effective GOP negative PR machine ... THE BIG LIE worked, and the DEMS failed the country, too. Harsh, yes; accurate, damn right (and I’m a lifelong DEM, so that is my privilege to be harsh to them – they earned it).

Measure the GOP words and actions and road blocking against the facts. In the end, facts matter and political hype does not.

The Obama economy good news and the above update:

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