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Buy America Literally: Our Opening Bid $1 Billion — More As Necessary

Charles and David Koch
(Honestly Concerned About the Future, or Their Bottom Line)

Koch's for This (Big Time)
(So are those who pander to them)

Koch Fav: Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI)
(Huge Anti-Union/Public Employees/Public Anything)

All Koch Drinkers

Koch Cash Combined with Voter ID Movement
(Disaster in the Wings)

Original Story from here (January 27, 2015) and it follows this update (January 31, 2015:

Since Mitt Romney dropped out, all eyes are on a narrow field: The three pictured above, Walker, and maybe even Bush (if Koch's are convinced about him - more on that later). 

This Update Comes from here.

At that recently concluded and infamous Koch retreat, which is always closed to the press, there was a gathering of key elected and wannabe elected GOPer types seeking the White House in 2016. The public has zero knowledge of exactly what the speakers say to try to impress on the audience of mega-donors.

But as far as Gov. Scott Walker is concerned, if we trust his comments, and we should, is that which were likely in keeping with what he also said to conservative activists at the Iowa Freedom Summit, an event organized by Citizens United (yes, that’s the radical conservative group behind the U.S. Supreme Court decision that opened the floodgates for unlimited corporate dollars to influence elections). If so, then lot more Koch cash may flow.

In Iowa at that time, Walker bragged about beating down public sector unions in his home state. He claimed to have strengthened Wisconsin, omitting any mention of his devastating $1.6 billion cut to public education or the fact that Wisconsin has plummeted to 42nd in the nation in job creation.
Also, recall how Walker was pranked by a phone call from a “fake David Koch” (Buffalo Beast reporter, Ian Murphy) regarding Walker’s efforts against Unions, and how the two of them bragged about “beating the bastards.” If you don't recall, here are two clips to refresh your memory on that call (in two parts):

PART I here (10 minutes) and PART II here (also about 10 minutes).

The Koch’s are behind anything pro-Union and especially public service Unions and public education … a fact.

So, hang on tight, it might be a bit bumpy and not so pretty trip until Jan 20, 2017, when a new president is sworn into office – let’s hope it’s not a Scott Walker type.

Five years after the Supreme Court’s landmark Citizens United decision, we are witnessing the legacy of a political climate where money equals speech. The Koch brothers are, in effect, spending enough to become their own political party. 

Here are some numbers to put that level of spending into context:

  • The $889 million they plan to spend is $250 million more than the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee spent in 2012 combined.
  • It is more than double the roughly $400 million the Koch network spent in 2012.
  • It is just under the total amount that either of the major parties spent throughout the 2012 election cycle. In 2012, the Democratic Party spent $1.07 billion, while the GOP spent $1 billion.
  • It is more than $150 million more than what John Kerry and George W. Bush together spent during the 2004 campaign.
  • It still less than the Koch brothers’ combined wealth can fluctuate on any given day.
  • Just two days ago, as the stock market went down, their combined wealth dropped more than $1 billion. 
As one Republican operative put it, “For that kind of money, you could buy yourself a president. Oh, right. That’s the point.” Indeed, if that’s the kind of money you now need to win a presidential election, it is no surprise that possible candidates at that confab included: Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL), Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Rand Paul (R-KY) all made the pilgrimage to the conference this weekend to pay their respects and kiss the Koch ring or whatever was needed to be kissed to garnish their support.

Yes, there are billionaire DEMS who fork over big money, but no one will top this pledge for 2016. The Koch brothers just pledged to spend nearly $1 billion to help win the White House for their own personal collection, I guess, but then to do what, pray tell?

Who in their right mind would have believed the USSC got it right on campaign financing when we see this type of what: Oh, yeah, just speech.

This Update ...

The political network led by conservative industrialists Charles and David Koch plans to spend close to a billion dollars on the 2016 elections, the brothers’ group announced at a retreat with donors Monday in the California desert. They announced a spending goal of $889 million to help pay for everything from advertising and data gathering to grassroots activation and massive donations to like-minded conservative groups.

It is an astonishing amount of money, even in this post-Citizens United world. More and more we see this astonishing sum of money as the “norm.”  How in the hell can that be normal, except for a multi-billionaire, so never mind.

What does that translate into? (1) About $1.36 million a day, every day, from now until November 8, 2016, or (2) $56,899 per hour, or worse, (3) $948 per second.

It’s almost a quarter of what was spent in the 2000 election by all candidates, parties and groups, both Republicans and Democrats, combined, when adjusted for inflation. We have made progress haven’t we? (Yes, we have. We have backed ourselves squarely into a smelly, bottomless cesspool).

Is there anyone left who doubts what is wrong with our system. If so, this should erase and clarify any wild thinking about “money is just speech” in nano second (that is one billionth of a second (1/1,000,000,000 sec).

Wow ... I wonder what the Koch's want for that kind of money? Any wild guesses: How about a lifetime pass to the White House? Or, a flight on AF-1? A birthday cake right on schedule? Or a new necktie on Christmas from the President and First Lady?

Or, I surmise, how about total control of the country? Now that sounds plausible.

There are still a lot people who say, "Hey money is speech, so what, they all do it. No biggie." Some also say "issues don't matter." Maybe not, until they do...

America's old symbol about to be replaced by a new one:


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