Wednesday, January 7, 2015

ACA (Obama-care) Still Under GOP Fire and Another 5-4 Looms

Will the USSC Hurt People in Need???
(If so, why)

Key Q in this story:  Is another 5-4 USSC really callous enough to rule against Obama-care and this key part? We are about to find out ...

looming Supreme Court case against Obama-care threatens to undermine millions of Americans’ access to affordable health insurance. And the latest data about the current enrollees in the law’s new marketplaces suggests that the stakes may be even higher than analysts initially predicted.

In November, the Supreme Court agreed to take up King v. Burwell, a case that would essentially gut the current system for extending financial assistance to help Americans purchase health insurance plans. If the legal challenge is successful, the government will no longer be authorized to provide tax credits in the 37 states with federally-run marketplaces. Those states declined to set up their own marketplaces under Obama-care because they’re governed by politicians who oppose the law.  

A ruling against Obama-care’s subsidies would affect the vast majority of the people who are signing up for plans in those states.

Then as a wrap-up, set the suicide watch for the GOPers ... two related stories:

1.  The Boehner/McConnell Obama-care “fix” could hurt millions of Americans (LA Times).


2.  Amazing fact: Obama-care “beyond repair” (says Paul Ryan) yet it brings insurance to millions of Americans (also the LA Times).

Thanks for stopping by - a critical issue to keep tracking. Stay tuned.

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