Wednesday, December 10, 2014

He's Alive, He's Alive: Dark Dick Rises from the Interno

Richard Bruce Cheney: Former Vice President of the United States
(Hard to believe)

It didn't take Mr. Cheney long to respond to the Senate torture report ... what, one day? His quote if you can believe it in this segment: "Torture is something we very carefully avoided he said on FOX with Bret Baier in response to a the report, which graphically described brutal treatment of detainees. Then he quickly and smugly added: I think we were fundamentally justified and I would do it again in a minute.”

I presume he'd advocate invading Iraq again, too? Or Syria? Or hell, why stop there: How about North Korea and Iran, and at the same time just for good measure, eh, Mr. Cheney?

Let's be clear here, if that's even possible. Those who bash the Senate report are from what I can ascertain are novices about interrogation but strong on anything that reflects badly (in their pea-sized brains) on DEMS (e.g., the committee chair DEM Sen. Feinstein) and President Obama ... or anyone who even supposes to say that torture it bad. That includes everyone on FOX, mostly Rightwing Talk Radio (the Limbaugh and Hannity lovers) and probably I'd wager, 99.9% of the entire GOP.

Having said that and many know I was a Marine interrogator for 10 years and DOD a couple after that, so I kind of know the rules of the road as it were. Simply stated (and a lot more at my main detainee page here) is simple: torture is illegal, unlawful, a war crime and it does not work, period.

Those who advocate otherwise fall into Dark Dick Cheney's camp. That is: they do not know their ass from a hole in the ground to speak frankly as illustrated here.

The bottom line is just exactly as Sen. McCain said in his excellent speech on the Senate floor: "It has left an ugly stain on America and our values (sic)."


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