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More Guns, Less Crime: That BS Line Now Disputed — Facts Prevail

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Introduction (from the WaPo): “More guns, less crime.”  Surely we’ve all heard that mantra before? There's even an entire book devoted to it (seen above).  As Emily Badger noted awhile back, it has become a staple of our national gun control debate. That idea has been: “The idea that more guns lead to less crime appears on gun policy 'fact sheets,' as evidence debunking gun control 'myths,' in congressional committee reports.”

The notion stems from a paper published in 1997 by economists John Lott and David Mustard, who looked at county-level crime data from 1977 to 1992 and concluded that “allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons deters violent crimes and it appears to produce no increase in accidental deaths.”

Of course, the study of gun crime has advanced significantly since then (no thanks to Congress).

Some researchers have gone so far as to call Lott and Mustard's original study “completely discredited.

B/L (if there ever is a bottom line):  Stanford law professor John Donohue and his colleagues have added another full decade to the Lott-Mustard analysis, extending it through 2010, and have concluded that the opposite of Lott and Mustard's original conclusion is true: More guns equal more crime (any sane, rational person probably already knew that, except NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre).

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Say What???

This latest will surely make the GOP and their NRA pals heads explode (no pun intended).

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Jeff Chang said...

I read that a confidence level in this study was 10% indicating and the magnitude could not be determined.

Care to elaborate?