Thursday, November 6, 2014

GOP Takes the Congress: Wild and Uncertain Speculation Rampant

The Way I See Their Overall Platform

The GOP Hates It When Bush-Cheney Are Blamed
(but they love to blame everyone else)

My take and this post about this election are based on this - hang on tight.

The GOP (a whole bunch of them) are starting to say that this win will keep them in the Majority for 100 years ... wow.... Kinda like Robert Redford in the movie: The Candidate. He wins a tough Senate race based a lot on his good looks and family background, then on election night he turns to his manager and says, "Well, we won, now what?"

Clip seen here ... >>>

Let me say as clearly as I possibly can: This GOP today has mastered and far exceeded anyone in history regarding the effective and massive and well-funded propaganda/and PR machine. For example, they will claim that their shit doesn’t stink all the while selling the worst elephant dung ever and effectively proving along the way that it in fact does not stink. 

All one has to do is ask them and they will tell you in no uncertain terms: “Stop blaming Bush-Cheney, Iraq, and us. There are plenty of others to blame - much more than us.” And, they have the gall to say it with a stone-cold straight face.

So, what’s your view about how this midterm cycle turned out? It should be painfully obvious to anyone with half a brain that Republican policies do not allow the Republican Party to re-brand in a positive manner.

As noted here, until they change their legislative policies, they are stuck, for example, always trying to justify giving taxpayer money to big business but not a raise to working people. That position of contempt for the poor and vulnerable, including blaming the victims as a result of harsh Republican policies that effectively works to keep people poor and vulnerable while projecting the view that “there are no poor white RED state Republicans in need of help, only Democrats – that nasty 47% of freeloaders.”

Thanks for stopping by. The next two years may be the worst in American political history. Stay tuned.

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