Monday, November 17, 2014

GOP Attacks on Obama-care: Their Legs Are Far and Few Between

Let's Talk About Obama-care
(let us tell you what repealing it has done to us so far)

Excellent review here from MSNBC (about 9 minutes) really worth watching.

The GOP has cast over 50 votes to repeal the law - all have failed. The offer nothing as a replacement for the effectiveness of the program now, yet they contend they can do better ... with this plan, I surmise? 

The ACA is the law of the land (said Speaker Boehner, but now he dances to a different tune). It is working despite the efforts otherwise and yes, even the lousy program launch start up (we all admit that), but now, well it's on track and serving over 10 million Americans, millions with decent affordable health care for the first time in their lives. 

Yet the GOP remains busy dreaming up ways to derail it. Now another test lingers at the USSC regarding language in the bill, kinda like what "is" is or what "state" actually means?

Stay tuned and follow this closely - I guarantee you I will. Thanks for stopping by.

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