Friday, October 24, 2014

GOP Red Herring State Productions Present: Voter Fraud R Us

Academy Award Performance
(for best comedy)

The Proverbial Proof is in the Pudding

We need to keep our eye on the GOP/RED states
(their assault on voting rights)

I want to stay with this topic as we head into the 20143 midterms in a very short 10 days, thus I am adding another source, a very reputable one: FRONTLINE here

Highlights therein have several good links. 

Voter fraud generally rarely happens. When it does, election law experts say it happens more often through mail-in ballots than people impersonating eligible voters at the polls.

An analysis by News-21, a journalism project at Arizona State University, found 28 cases of voter fraud convictions since 2000. Of those, 14 percent involved absentee ballot fraud. Voter impersonation, the form of fraud that voter ID laws are designed to prevent, made up only 3.6 percent of those cases.

Other types included double voting, the most common form, at 25 percent, and felons voting when they were prohibited from doing so. But neither of those would be prevented by voter ID laws, either.

Original post starts from here:

Main Subject: Bogus GOP & RED state RED HERRING: VOTER FRAUD.

This issue is really about suppressing the right to vote aimed at those who mostly vote DEM and thus benefiting the GOP and giving them the edge in key states. Once again it is shown to be more bogus than ever (the chart above) .... and from this story.

Extract: "Conservative media figures pointed to the news that 145 immigrants' names were flagged on North Carolina's voter rolls as proof of potential voter fraud in the upcoming election.  But the discovery of these names actually disproves the potential for voter fraud, as the state's board of election is now confirming the citizenship of individuals who were flagged."

As if we didn't already know.

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