Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ebola: Fuel for Fear Mongers, Political Zealots, and Most GOPers

Yeah, that's right, Ebola is this Wide. So, duck!!!
(Go hide from the Fed lies)

Case in point from a man I honestly think is one of top dumbest shit heads in or running for elected office. These are people who are supposed to exude confidence and trust, but instead they spread fear, hype, distrust, and anger at and about everything government.

They include the likes of: Rand Paul (pictured above); Ted Cruz, Louis Gohmert, Michele, Bachmann, Tom Cotton, Scott Brown, Thom Tillis, almost everyone on FOX and rightwing Talk Radio ... don't believe me, just listen and pay attention.

They are out to make political points over the next few weeks and gain control of government, and not much else. I honestly ask: Why and for what positive purpose. I can't seem to come up with anything rational except nasty dirty political grandstanding.

Take Rand Paul's latest from here, part: 

PLYMOUTH, NH – Rand Paul had a message for students at Plymouth State University who had gathered for a pizza party with the Kentucky senator: "Ebola is coming for us all and the government is hiding the truth about the deadly disease."

Then this from Some 56 percent of Americans say the government is prepared to handle Ebola, including 61 percent of Democrats. But that number is flipped on its head when you ask Tea Party voters: 57 percent of them say the government is not prepared, as do 54 percent of rural voters.

So two core components of the GOP red-state base coalition don’t trust the federal government, in the person of President Obama, to keep them safe – and there’s some political opportunity for Republicans in those numbers. When Texas Sen. Ted Cruz continues to insist “I remain concerned that we don’t see sufficient seriousness on the part of the federal government about protecting the American public,” those are the voters he’s talking to.

The Plum Line’s Greg Sargent makes the excellent point that one big political benefit of Ebola to the GOP is that it gives them a theme with which to nationalize the election and make it about the perceived failures of President Obama – especially in states like Georgia, Louisiana and North Carolina, where vulnerable Democrats have kept it close by focusing on local issues and their GOP opponents’ foibles.  That’s why Thom Tillis is insisting that Sen. Kay Hagan (D) has “failed the people of North Carolina and the nation by not securing our border.” 

They also blame Obama and DEMS for the rise of ISIS/ISIL. Now for Ebola … they have no shame, yet they remain shameless. So, will fear sell? We are going to find out on November 4th aren't we? 

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