Friday, September 19, 2014

GOP Tried and Untrue Stale Tactics Vis-a-Vis Mr. Obama

On A Daily Basis

Punt Comes to Mind

Allow me to state the obvious about GOP tactics vis-à-vis Mr. Obama – does it sound familiar?

1.  Attack him anyway possible 24/7 = harsh, steady, vicious, and relentless.

2.  When that fizzles, or turns out to be false or a completely dead end, what do they do? They withdraw (mostly back to FOX) without so much of a whimper or apology, and then.

3.  They start all over again at step #1, with a new topic (or many cases, the same old topic from months ago, i.e., Benghazi).  

After another predictable stale approach and outcome, what happens? They direct themselves to take two aspirins with a stiff drink, and then right back at it (step #1, and...).

Well, I think you get the picture. Kind of pathetic isn't it (the 24/7 part).

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