Tuesday, September 9, 2014

GOP on the Sidelines (Wanting it both ways): Hypocrites Par Excellence

Possible New GOP Poll (sure seems like it)

Former GOP Senate Candidate's View of his Party
(as if we didn't already know)

Here's the deal: First, the GOP en masse, blasts Mr. Obama for being weak, indecisive, and well, just in a funk as it were about his CINC duties. 

Now, after he gained support from 9 NATO/EU partners and 21 of the 22 Arab league nations, all willing to pitch in and help fight against ISIS, what do they want to talk about. 

Um ... let's ask Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) shall we. He's back from his 5-week vaca all tan and bronzed up saying just today: “The American people still want to know where are the jobs.” 

Whoa ... hang on there, Mr. Speaker. How about we chalk this up to another GOP WTF moment in a long line of other GOP WTF moments shall we? I mean if you really are an honest broker, which it looks like you are not.

Excellent discussion here from HARDBALL:

Stay tuned and watch Mr. Obama tomorrow night ... then listen to the GOP fall out ... it outta be a hoot. Thanks for stopping by.

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