Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Back at War: Obama Hits ISIS-ISIL in Syria With Allies, Without Congress

Picture at This Early Stage of Campaign
(Note the five U.S. partners in the fight)

Precise Targets Hit

Excellent run down and debate here from The ED SHOW (MSNBC):

The beginning of what President Obama himself labeled as an effort that "It will take time" and insisting this is not our fight alone ... 

Funny or sadly, in an ironic sort of way, wars always take time (usually easy to get into, but a bugaboo to get out of; not even counting the human cost. 

This will take years and it will cross party lines for decades in Congress and around the globe. We are all again on high alert. 

This is also the rally call that ISIS-ISIL needs and has expected, I believe, to grow and possibly get stronger with their simple message: "See we told you so. The United States is involved now and it proves that they truly hate Muslims and Islam. Praise Allah!!!!."

Stay tuned ... this is just getting started. Believe me when I say it will get far worse and more costly — that is given.

Stop back later.

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