Saturday, August 2, 2014

Are Americans Ambivalent About Government Social Programs

Two Distinct Views of American Values 
(We Are Not a "pick and choose" values system)

Oh, God!! I Can't Bear to Watch Another GOP Vote to Repeal Health Care

More than half of Americans have received benefits from government entitlement programs during their lifetimes, according to a 2012 Pew Research Center study.

The study found that 55% of Americans have been on at least one of the six largest government safety net programs: (1) Unemployment benefits, (2) Social Security, (3) Medicare, (4) Food Stamps (SNAP), (5) Medicaid, and (6) TANF (formerly referred to as Welfare).

When factoring in Veterans' benefits and federal college loans and grants as well, the number rises to 70% of Americans receiving government aid.

Unemployment is the most popular assistance program. About 27% of Americans have received unemployment assistance at some point in their lifetimes. Social Security is a close second, at 26% of Americans.

So, which America do you prefer to live in and what values do you hold dearest? This question assumes that you may have used any one of the programs in the past, or that you might need one of them in the future, or possibly already use one or more of them today. 

Then consider the alternatives we hear so much about from the harsh political yakking about cutting or reducing or worse, eliminating them. That’s reason enough to give anyone pause to think.

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