Wednesday, July 30, 2014

U.S. Military Spending Abroad Must Be Brought Under Control

Slide Grab from The Daily Show (July 28, 2014) Segment is Here

The Slide Explains Itself

Over $18 Billion has been provided to the following ME countries. FYI: we spent $166 Billion in the ME and Africa in 2012 alone.

  1. $1.3 Billion to Egypt: (e.g., F-16, Abrams tanks, Apache helicopters).
  2. $6.8 Billion to Saudi Arabia (including bunker busters bombs).
  3. $4 Billion to the UAE.
  4. $2.1 Billion to Oman.
  5. $4.2 Billion to Kuwait.
That totals: $18.4 Billion.

Plus, to Iraq, where we were for 8 years and spent $2 Trillion, we still spend untold billions in equipment and supplies (weapons, ammo, etc.) that ironically a lot of that is now in the hands the ISIS (the former al-Qaeda splinter bloodthirsty radical group who is now on the verge of taking total control of Iraq).

And, of course, we are still in Afghanistan. 

Ironically re: Qatar. They returned a favor to us and bought $11 Billion in U.S. military hardware from various sources and then as noted in several sources and over the years and noted below) provided $100 million to various Taliban-linked sources.

Finally, U.S. aid to our closest ally, Israel, totals some $3 Billion annually and comes in various kinds of hardware.  

Qatar aids Al-Qaeda and Hamas in Gaza

December 2, 2013

In order to obtain “billions of dollars” from Qatar, Hamas has agreed to ease restrictions in Gaza on its rival Al Qaeda.  Dozens of Al Qaeda fighters have already been released from prison by Hamas officials to meet Doha’s demands. Qatar is probably emboldened by the influence and traction it has gained by backing Islamist fighters in Mali, Syria, and the Arab Spring countries.  Its monarchy senses that this is the perfect time to expand their influence in the Palestinian territories where old guard terrorist groups are short on cash.  Judging by the relative lack of media coverage of this development, they’re getting away with it.

Source World Tribune

The $64,000 question: Is all that money, aid, equipment, arms, and munitions working to get peace in that region? Short answer: Nope.

Image even half of that money put to use here at home in American cities, for our roads, bridges, schools, and other societal needs.

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