Thursday, July 17, 2014

Serious Religious Sicarii (L) Outbreak: Dufus Maximus Extremus

100% Correct Justice Ginsburg -- well stated

RNC Convention T-Shirt Proposal for 2016
(see how far that goes)

Women Know and the Message is Clear
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For Bible Experts and Zealots in Waiting
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Hobby-Lobby opponents started saying from day-one that the 5-4 decision would spread and Justice Ginsburg said "the court stepped into a minefield."

This update takes us back in time (actually it was only two weeks ago):

Two weeks ago, the Supreme Court backed companies like Hobby Lobby with religious owners who were seeking to avoid providing their employees with health insurance plans that cover contraception, as required by the Affordable Care Act. Under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the high court ruled that the government had to accommodate the religious beliefs of “closely held” companies regarding contraception, a description that applies to potentially half the private sector employees in the United States.

The decision came down in the midst of a fierce argument already taking place over the appropriate breadth of religious exemptions from state and federal laws, with conservative lawmakers all over the country proposing measures that women’s and LGBT rights supporters claimed would sanction discrimination in the name of religion. Supporters of such laws will likely take the Hobby Lobby decision as a sign that the Supreme Court has their back.

The Hobby Lobby decision is already spurring changes.

The part that resonates with me is how the religious right just a few months ago (and for decades before) were always defending themselves and their religious freedom and beliefs against that nasty, evil "left/DEM/Obama" as they claim their freedoms were lost or being taken away just like their guns (which BTW still has not happened, but more "open-carry" laws have sure popped up in RED-land) as they continue to ramp up in their fight for broader religious exemptions. Hobby-Lobby proves the point and now things no longer look that simple - they are complex and I'd argue a big more dangerous.

The graphs above illustrate what I mean. I strongly believe that we have reach the edge of the cliff where insanity is about to kick us over the edge. Religious freedom absolutely, 100% — and that means for everyone, and not just for the pick and choose crowd using it as a shield or excuse or reason to discriminate that see more and more cropping up.

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