Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ladies & Gentlemen: Welcome to the Pit of Hell — No Guns; No Seat

Your Choice. We've Been Expecting You
(Entrance Hell)

Our NRA Host Will Seat You and Then Enlighten You

Have we reached the utter depth of insanity about the love affair with guns and the “right to carry openly and flaunt our guns” anywhere, anytime, and for any reason? Have we reached an absolute low in America? Are the inmates in charge?

When will the majority of the public say: Enough is enough. Stop this insanity.

From this article at Media Matters: The NRA Commentator asks: “What if instead of Gun-Free Zones we had "Gun-Required Zones?”

Johnson even enlightens us with his 3-minute video presentation - get a bucket handy, you might feel the urge to retch, vomit, or hell, even puke.

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