Friday, July 25, 2014

GOP Credibility on the Economy: None, Zero, Nada, Nil, Zilch, M.I.A.

It is the Economy. GOP in Full Denial

We Would If You Offered Anything Worthwhile

Very good segment follows from the ED SHOW (about 18 minutes). It captures many GOPers spouting their own words about not seeing any progress. 

It appears most of them do not trust hard facts, evidence as it were. They would rather jockey for political points on sour notes and stale opinion while blaming Mr. Obama for any success – how ironic is that?

It also seems they don't think cameras and sound equipment exit, or that people actually pay attention to what they say. Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Gee Old Poops, it is the economy and boy are you guys still stuck on stupid. 

If I were any of them (and, thank goodness I am not) I'd be praising the results, but wait, how can they praise success when they have resisted nearly all of President Obama's plans and ideas and proposals about how to recover from the near total economic meltdown of 2008, especially since they have been so harsh so long about so much all the time. Short answer: The word praise is not on their vocab list.

Enjoy the segment. 

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