Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Big Money Competing Goals for Congress: Do a Lot vs. Do Nothing

GOP's View of "Wheels of Progress"
The Public's View and Opinion
(June Approval: From 10% to 7%)
Maybe "They" Will Return in November
and Take "Them" Away
(one very smart Duck)

Two neat articles are the basis for this post: (1) This fine article from the Washington Post was written by by David R. Mayhew, Sterling professor of political science at Yale University, and Matthew I. Bettinger, a PhD student in political science at Yale University, and (2) from the National Journal, a few tidbits that I rearranged to fit this post theme. Both of them are very fine sources of good info - check them out.

The Washington Post article examines the last century and six presidents all who served full eight year terms, after taking the White House from the other party. This record is pre-Obama, who hasn’t finished yet. These six presidents were Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt (who went beyond the eight years), Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Three were Democrats, three were Republicans. Story continues at the link.

From the National Journal I pieced together this which is my take on the current midterm cycle:

I detect a huge disconnect from candidates running for Congress with their standard flare of: “I will go to Congress and do this or that and stop this or start that, yada yada, etc.” While in reality of what we see right now in the current Congress, whose JAR just dropped from 10 percent to 7 percent in June, the opposite – a pretty much “do-nothing” which many of them are proud of.

Since a lot of them take pride in doing nothing or stopping anything from getting done, how much more ironic can that get? I mean, scaling back government sounds good, but not in all cases I would argue.

Rep. Hoyer (D-MD) said that “… making government less effective and less helpful to the general public, or less trusted and respected at home and abroad is not so hot,” and I would add like the recent increased reporting about more spying on the German government.

Shutting down government, putting the credit worthiness of the country at risk, and flat out refusing to fix things and resist positive reform like immigration that is more and more out of control and seemingly totally broken don’t seem to be a priority for them – they thrive on it by constantly bashing Mr. Obama, whom they have resisted from day-one.

Most Republicans these days in office seem unfazed by any criticism about them not only being on the wrong path, let alone not even being able to recognize any path. There is a huge disconnect as a heck of a lot of them seem to take pride in saying that’s why they came to Congress in the first place: To do nothing, stop or block anything and everything.

It is beyond my comprehension to see how anyone can offer to run for elected office at any level, local, state, or national and win and be sworn in to do nothing, and worse, to brag about that. Doesn’t that seem like fraud to you, too, since they earn big money for being ineffective and non-productive? Honestly, I just do not get it. Watch and see how many incumbents are returned to office in November, or if any new faces immolate the old ones down there in DC now. I think we all will be both sickened and surprised (if that’s possible to be both).

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