Thursday, June 26, 2014

USSC (9-0) Strikes Down 35-Foot Abortion Foe's Buffer Zone

USSC in Washington, DC

June 26, 2014: The Supreme Court unanimously struck down a Massachusetts law that banned protesters within 35 feet of abortion clinics, ruling that the Court said "... the law infringed upon the First Amendment rights of anti-abortion activists."

(I Note: So, if no one is murdered, fire-bombed, blown to pieces, threatened with bodily harm, etc., at a Planned Parenthood clinic, then yelling in a woman's face and calling her every name in the book is just free speech and thus protected? ... I see, I see).

This decision also effectively strikes down about 10, fixed-buffer-zone laws across the country: ranging from San Francisco to Portland, Maine, but at the same time, it offered a framework for more limited restrictions around clinic demonstrations, legal experts said. For example: “They’ve approved the idea of this kind of law, just not the mechanism. It was too broad,” says Jessica Silbey, a Suffolf University Law School professor.

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State lawmakers said they would act quickly to pass legislation to provide protections for women seeking abortions and counseling. It was unclear what form the legislation would take. The high court ruled that the state law, enacted in 2007, imposed “serious burdens” on protesters who wish to speak with arriving patients. 

Now time will tell. Keep your fingers crossed that "life" supporters don't go all postal while citing this case. Stay tuned.

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