Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Right to Vote: Another Small Victory, More Needed

The Battle Field Map 

The Elephant in the Room

You have to love this fine lady and her story seen in the following segment. She is still fighting for her right to vote and has been ever since she first voted 70 years ago. Now she is now 93 years old and still fighting for that guaranteed right to vote (in NC).

Watch her in this fine interview ... if you want to be pissed about this bogus (pink bunny) GOP ploy to suppress or stymie the vote, this sheds light on them, light which they hate ... and the recent turn around in Ohio:

I am glad we get to see and hear her story, but at the same time, it's a crying shame that she has to relive the days she thought were and in her own words, "It's worse today than back then."

If the changes we are seeing, slow but sure, will have any impact at all, we're apt to see the results this November and then again in November 2016. Stay tuned. I'll continue to do my part.

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