Monday, June 16, 2014

ISIS in Iraq on a Roll with One Aim: Total Control of Iraq

Is the World Turning Its Back on Iraq???

The Road to Baghdad

ISIS (who used to be AQI: al-Qaeda Iraq) is so bad and so callous and vicious and blood-thirsty and merciless when it comes to killing anyone/everyone that al-Qaeda main even kicked them out and basically took away their charter as it is were.

The West has to react and assist Iraq regain control. Then PM Maliki must reach out to the Sunnis he has up to this point slapped down ever since the U.S. left Iraq in 2011. His actions against that sect is the main driver of this latest crisis in Iraq. 

A very good rundown follows here (it's about 12 minutes):

No matter how this train wreck ends up, Iraq is in deep trouble ... however, the West must not allow ISIS to win, however that is defined. Stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by.

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