Monday, June 23, 2014

Iraq in Crisis as Many Enjoy America's Fav Pastime: The Blame Game

After the Invasion: Iraq Military Was Ready
(Well-trained and Well-armed)

Today: Hey, Who Knows???
(My fav character)

Basic Problem: This Way for 1,300 Years

I choose this introduction from this very fine article written by the British diplomatic blogger Sir Humphrey who writes in part:

“It will have escaped few peoples notice that the security situation  in Iraq appears to be worsening by the day, as militia members affiliated to the Islamic State Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) continue their advance south towards Baghdad. Already several key towns have fallen, with reporting indicating a particularly hardcore Sharia law being imposed in its wake. Where the forces have contacted the Iraqi Security Forces, the outcome has been one-sided, with the numerically larger and better equipped ISF routing in short order. With senior Shia clerics making almost unprecedented calls to protect their people, and the Kurdish forces occupying Kirkuk, and with hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing, the situation in Iraq appears on the brink of near total collapse. This is perhaps the most serious security situation in the Middle East in decades.”

His conclusion, which I totally agree with, is stated as simple and straightforward as this: 

“The situation in Iraq is and will remain fluid, challenging and extremely difficult to observe. It is not yet clear how things will end. But one thing is clear, Middle Eastern politics and international relations will never be the same again.”

I also found this very fine article here and extracted this part:

“These thinkers (the Bush-era Neocons) dreamed big: They called on Americans to transform the entire Middle East in our own self-image, to change the course of a 1,300-year-old political culture in the Muslim world, seeding it with one tolerant democracy after another, until we had removed every grievance that produced religious extremism and terrorism, so there would never again be another attack like the one on September 11, 2001. One might as well respond to the next mass shooting by a maniac in America by dumping Prozac into the water supply, and confiscating every gun in the country. The U.S. never had a rational, workable plan for creating a multi-religious democracy in Iraq for one simple reason: The project was impossible.”

Now my input:

First this from former Vice President under George W. Bush, Richard Bruce Cheney, whom we can freely call “Dark Dick” my nickname for him and his views that torture is okay and he'd do it again to keep us safe and that we’d have to “operate in the dark shadows, if you will” (also his words). 

Cheney's Quote: “Another argument holds that opposing Saddam Hussein would cause even greater troubles in that part of the world, and interfere with the larger war against terror. I believe the opposite is true. Regime change in Iraq would bring about a number of benefits to the region. When the gravest of threats are eliminated, the freedom-loving peoples of the region will have a chance to promote the values that can bring lasting peace.” Unquote

So, let's be clear, if that’s even possible by not repeating the exact same mistakes we made in the past that got us into Iraq and prolonged that agony for eight miserable years in the first place.

My God, how easily people forget what led us into Iraq, even though today we see the same GOP ploy, except now with a new twist or slant if you will: “Blame Obama. Let’s just get back in there and, I guess, re-liberate Iraq all over again, stop terrorism, and that will keep us safe and reestablish their democracy or something like that. Let’s face it; the GOP is famous for memory lapses when it pleases them politically or otherwise. This fits them to a Texas “T” for sure.”

Those eight years in Iraq were a disaster and the world knows it, and it cost the U.S. dearly in both blood and treasure. However, when we left Iraq in 2011, in pretty good shape with their military well-armed and well-trained by our troops, they should have been able to defend and protect themselves. They failed, and that is not Mr. Obama’s fault. Mr. Obama didn't cause or make this current situation the way it is today. The ISIS did and everyone knows the history of this bloodthirsty mob, and yes, they are a mob, nothing less. The Maliki government with it’s arrogance against the Sunnis allowed this to happen. They utterly failed their own country and now we have a huge, bloody, messy religious civil war.

The GOP would have anyone believe that we, under Mr. Obama, have abandoned Iraq in their darkest hour. Nope; they abandoned themselves!!! We paid a heavy price and we owe them nothing now.

Iraq needs to get their act together, buckle up, and end this assault by the ISIS once and for all, otherwise they face total failure. Along the way, or shortly thereafter, they need to replace al-Maliki and get a balanced government in place who can work with all sides – which is lacking now and has since we left in 2011 and a thousand years before that.

If Iraq does not succeed, it will be their own fault. Then the whole world will wake up to the real “Shock and all shït…”

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