Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How to Undermine and Disparage America: Watch FOX News

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I say right up front: I loathe FOX news. Here's why in a nutshell (and the emphasis is on the "nut" part):

Instead of toasting the capture of Ahmed Abu Khattala in Libya as a key breakthrough in the Benghazi attack of September 2012, FOX news quickly became reason to add more layers to that  conspiracy. The FOX-led claims now:

1.  The timing of the arrest looked fake and phony. Specifically, the Benghazi capture was timed to help Hillary Clinton's book tour 5,000 miles away in America.

2.  “What a great thing to announce on an interview tonight at Fox News, that the perpetrators have been bought to justice,” said Fox contributor Pete Hegseth.

3.  “It's all too neat and it's too cute. You have a former secretary of state, who is in the middle of a really high profile book tour, I think this is convenient for her to shift the talking points from some of the things she has been discussing,” said Fox host Kennedy.

4.  Rush Limbaugh mocked the timing as “a beautiful thing.”

This FOX-led contemptuous, dismissive tone is exactly the opposite of what Obama's fevered critics had been demanding since September, 2012: the truth, justice, etc. We get justice, but now FOX has fits.

I say again about FOX and their tactics: They try to undermine America while saying they love the country, our way of life, justice, and are, well their justification: “… we are just good old boy patriots.”

... FOX büllshït and by the truck load.

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