Tuesday, May 20, 2014

We'd Like to Buy the U.S. a Koch, then Own Government

Most Not-Wanted

Even Cartoonists Know The Score

"Things do not go better with Koch ..." my satiric take on an old Coke slogan (cir. 1963).

Story from here May 19, 2014 | The mega-billionaire brothers, David and Charles Koch, stand apart in the world of Republicans. In 2012, their network of hardcore libertarian political donors spent $400 million on negative campaign ads intended to destroy government safety nets and defeat Democrats.

What they want to achieve: 

1. To repeal Obama-care.
2. Dismantle labor unions.
3. Repeal any environmental law protecting clean water and air.
4. Roll back voting rights.
5. Privatize Social Security.
6. Stop a minimum wage increase.

And a helluva lot more.

In short, they do not care about destroying the checks and balances in American democracy to get their way and if that means spending a few billion — so what.

Continue at the story link - a very good piece.

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