Friday, May 23, 2014

USSC 5-4 — Koch Cash — Callous Voting Laws = Chaos

Angel of Death or Death of Representative Democracy

Voters cast ballots at the Fellowship of Christ church in Cary, N.C. on Election Day, Nov. 6, 2012.
Voting at the Fellowship of Christ Church in Cary, NC in 2012
(They had better pray hard now to protect their right for tomorrow)

Continuing a long line of posts about GOP efforts (mostly in RED states) to hamper or otherwise suppress the vote for their own political advantage and gain, comes from this story.

There are five months until the midterm elections in November. However, Republican voting restrictions are causing chaos in states across the South. In some cases access to the ballot itself is being blocked. The slew of problems, even in a recent series of low-profile elections, is raising fears that large numbers of voters could be disenfranchised this fall if the laws aren’t blocked before then. Imagine millions eligible to vote, many who have voted for decades in the past, being hampered by harsh laws intended to suppress their right to vote.

In Arkansas and North Carolina, both hosting tight U.S. Senate races this fall, it is possible that the harsh voter ID and other laws could be decisive in helping Republicans gain total control of Congress by winning the Senate (they only need to win six seats to gain a Senate majority).

Dale Ho of the ACLU says: “The problems we’re seeing in places like Arkansas and North Carolina are only going to worsen in higher-turnout elections in November, when hundreds of thousands more voters will arrive at the polls. The GOP moves demonstrate exactly why we’ve filed motions to put these laws on hold until they’ve been thoroughly vetted by the courts.”

Pretty simple at this point, I'd have to say: Getting these harsh laws tossed and preserving our right to vote unhampered and freely, which is necessary, but after the election, will be too late. That's the point.

Story continues here >>> and at more posts in this series below. Thanks for stopping by.

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