Thursday, May 15, 2014

Today's Class: Common Sense 101 for GOP Candidates

1st rule of thumb: When you find yourself in a mine field, don't move.

2nd rule of thumb: While preparing to sling more shït, just make sure it is not loaded on one the items pictured above.

3rd rule of thumb: When offered medical advice from Karl Rove, or campaign strategy from Ted Cruz, or civil rights updates from Rand Paul, or a list of agencies for Federal closure from Rick Perry, play dumb and say you have a pressing phone call to take, then book a flight to the Cayman’s for a 6-month stay.

4th rule of thumb: When asked to review and adopt the RNC's “autopsy” about the 2012 election losses, run like hell and don't ever look back. More on that is here.

If all that fails, stick to our proven set of tactics: Dodge, Duck, Deceive, Deny and well... just stay in line and don't buck the system!!!

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