Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lesson 101: How to Dismantle the U.S. in One Fell Swoop

The Center of Gravity 
(NC and Has Grown to 8 States)

Suspected Backers of the "Movement"
(GOAL: Run the Country Like 50 Indy Businesses)

I will give the GOP credit for one trait: their persistence ... when they lose a silly-ass battle about nonsense, do they quit? Hardly. 

They pick up another handful of shit and sling it, hoping it sticks ... based on this their latest, I see only one stated goal: Totally dismantle the entire Federal system of government we now have and replace it with 50 state-run enterprises.

Just think how much Glenn Beck loves and is pushing this idea along side Mick Huckabee and others (mostly the FOX crowd sipping spiked TEA).

How does the GOP intend to do this? Naturally by a "CONVENTION OF STATES" with one purpose: ROLL BACK THE FED SYSTEM ENTIRELY - HAVE 50 STATES RUN SYSTEMS as seen in this segment from MSNBC:  

As I said, the GOP is persistent if nothing else ... just imagine if their energy were directed at doing some things good for the whole, rather than damage across the board?

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