Saturday, May 24, 2014

DEM v. GOP; Blue v. Red; Liberal v. Conservative

Current Two Political Parties in the U.S.

Quick reference (a good reference) from this neat source:

Having posted that, I now offer my analogy - FYI:

What we all see today in DC and across the land as we move full steam ahead in the midterms leading up to the biggie in 2016 is not pretty, in fact, some say it's downright ugly. Change is always the buzz word, right there along side "I will create jobs, lower taxes, reduce the size of government, and protect our rights." Um ... so, why don't those things ever fall into place. Nice campaign slogans and bumper stickers and Talk Show fodder, but in reality, practically non-existent. 

I call it “The TEA Matrix.”

1.  Drink the BLUE Tea and the story ends. Things go back to a relative normal with representative democracy working as it was established back in 1787 when the "We the People" actually meant something: that the people, as the rightful voters, were in charge. They would vote office holders into office on their terms, not on the terms set by any special interest group, big money, deeply-entrenched and cemented insiders, or the two main national parties who keep a strangle hold on the system by gerrymandering the districts to get what they want and not what they people say they want.

2.  Drink the RED Tea and you will stay in Wonderland. That is the place where elected Representatives get into office by hook or crook and then serve the big money and insiders who backed them, and who are granted special access that Mr. and Mrs. Main Street can only talk about. Favors go to the highest bidder and it’s called many names but never called what it really is: quid pro quo. That according to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Why not? I guess it is too hard to prove. Thus, the lawmakers who make the rules, create the loopholes, and sustain the corrupt system feel free to break the rules and call then have the gall to call it "reform." At this point, you can continue to see just how far that rabbit hole goes

The question is: What are you prepared to do to help get us back on track and not necessarily in the same old, same old rut we have grown to accept as "politics as usual." It is anything but.

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