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Life, Liberty, Happiness, Job, Family, Home, Security

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Here ya' go Mr. and Mrs. T.O.P. Crust
(/s/ your Congress)

HOT and Immediate Update that blends right into subject discussed in the following post. This story comes from here, that if you can read and stomach it without puking: It's about "The Tax Extenders" they're bacccccccccck.

A bill is all neatly wrapped and packaged and about to be handed over to Mr. and Mrs. T. O. P. Crust.

I guess we can call it more of the same: “Corporate SNAP Program.”  Bennies for the rich without the EBT card. Here are a few specifics from the bill now in the Senate:

1.  $71 million tax break to help NASCAR track-builders.

2.  $336 million excise tax on rum imported to the U.S. from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands that goes back help their rum industries.

3.  $27 million film production credit for movie studios that make their films in the U.S.

4.  $10.4 billion to continue what’s known as the active financing exemption, which lets Wall Street firms and multinationals defer taxes on financial activities conducted overseas.

5.  $6.5 billion, that I call the “THE BIGGIE:” A huge gift to individuals as a deduction for state and local sales taxes that will disproportionately benefit the high-income taxpayers.
Mr. and Mrs. T.O.P. Crust probably will be insulted at my label as they prefer to call this: "Getting back what the “Takers” took from us “Givers” – that seems fair, right? 

The Original Post Starts Here: This post is based on the two charts I picked from the movie (shown above). The film was: “Inequality for All” (out in September 2013). The topic is presented by and stars former Clinton administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich. It can be viewed on Netflix with an account, or for a small fee from iTunes,, Google Play, or I believe it still can be seen here free  – a pretty good site:

Here is how the film is described at one site: 

“A passionate argument on behalf of the middle class, this film features Robert Reich, professor, best-selling author, and former Clinton cabinet member as he demonstrates how the widening income gap has a devastating impact on the American economy. The film is an intimate portrait of a man who's overcome a great deal of personal adversity and whose lifelong goal remains protecting those who are unable to protect themselves. Through his singular perspective, Reich explains how the massive consolidation of wealth by a precious few threatens the viability of the American workforce and the foundation of democracy itself. In this inconvenient truth for the economy, Reich uses humor and a wide array of facts to explain how the issue of economic inequality affects each and every one of us.”

What I gleaned from the two charts:

The Positive Economic Cycle (Top Chart). It works for everyone from top to bottom:

1.  Government invests in Higher Education, Job Training, Vo-Tech Training, and Retraining.
2.  Workers Become Better Educated Prepared to Compete in Worldwide Economy.
3.  The Economy Expands.
4.  Productivity Grows.
5.  Wages Increase.
6.  Workers Earn and Spend More.
7.  Companies Hire More and Businesses Expand.
8.  Tax Revenues Increase.
9.  Government Reinvests and the Cycle Continues

The Negative Economic Cycle (Bottom Chart). It impacts and hurts the needy and leaves many behind:

1.  Wages Stagnate.
2.  Workers Earn Less.
3.  Companies Layoff or Downsize or Move Jobs Off-shore (lower wage workers).
4.  Tax Revenues Decrease.
5.  Government Cut Programs (i.e., Food Stamps, WIC, Vets, Public Health Care, Public Education to stop spending, financial obligations still remain).
6.  Workers Spend Less.
7.  Unemployment Rises.
8.  Deficit Grows (borrowing needed to meet obligations, vital programs).
9.  Government Slows Down, People Suffer, Recession, or Worse.

Politics sets in and both sides (left and right) draw battle lines and offer solutions when the problem we face, income inequality, seldom if ever gets solved and has not since the 1970 according the facts and figures presented in the documentary.

The GOP-Ryan budget now before the Congress is not the solution. It is a rehash of the past and does not solve problems for the future, and in some cases, makes problems worse. 

Let’s face it: people want a good education, a good job, stability, security, a happy life with a nice home to raise their family, try and stay healthy, and look forward to a nice enjoyable retirement at the end of their working days. That is human nature. That is the American Dream. 

Politics aside: That is what we all strive for as we make things better for those who follow, just like those before us left for us to build on. That is the positive American cycle.

So, I encourage everyone to watch this absolutely excellent presentation by Mr. Reich – it is awesome in its presentation, context, scope, and his inspirational message. Sadly, some will write even before watching as soon as they see his name attached to it. However, 90 minutes of anyone’s time is worth it. Then they can decide. 

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