Sunday, March 16, 2014

Want to Save Tax Money — Then Raise Minimum Wage

Help the Underpaid and Solve Other Problems

Interactive Map: Hover Cursor Over State for Details

The basic story is from here ( It helps debunk an old GOP playbook line about people on public assistance robbing the rest of the public blind. Those gosh darn lazy bums and welfare queens - remember that phrase? Or the 47% that Romney “warned us about”. 

A key debunk:  “... those opposed to giving low-income workers a raise offer a number of claims suggesting it would be a supposedly bad idea. For their cause, most if not all of their arguments fall apart under close scrutiny. Here are the ones deployed most frequently.”  (Refer to the story for more. It is a very good review).

The map above and following story is from here and it makes a very obvious statement of a fact: 

“Increasing the minimum wage — as some states have already done — would not only provide a much-needed raise for low-wage workers but also it would decrease the amount that taxpayers spend on public assistance programs like SNAP (Food Stamps). Examining how states’ minimum wage laws have affected their SNAP enrollments and spending over the past two decades alone sheds light on the effects a similar minimum wage policy could have at the national level.” 

So, who is paying attention – that is the question. Apparently it is not the GOP.

Added is that article is this link (.pdf format): “How do minimum wage policy increases affect enrollments and expenditures on means-tested public assistance programs like the SNAP?”

A simple question for the GOP: Why aren't you all pushing this issue based on this common sense solution to a problem you always complain about? You Republicans should be way out front line on this issue. Why? I say, because it solves a lot of lingering problems, including helping those in most need. So, what are you waiting for?

I conclude that this should be a major 2014 campaign issue, but will it? Stay tuned.

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