Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Voters React and Lash Out at Voter Suppression in Ohio

How to Combat, Resist, and Thwart Voter Suppression

This is an update in my long series of posts on this topic: Voter suppression across the country and mostly in RED/GOP-controlled states. I have said a million times that there is no more important or fundamental right in our country than the right to vote and choose the kind of government we want and not want others tell us they think we need. It must not be hampered or infringed. It must be done with ease and in no way be interfered with in any way like we have seen over the past couple of years. 

Now Ohioans are striking back and rightly so. Good for them.

The background from article is here, in part: “The effort by Ohio Republicans to make voting harder in the nation’s most pivotal swing state has triggered a furious response — one that could yet succeed in fighting off some of the worst effects of the new restrictions. Last month, Ohio lawmakers passed GOP-backed bills that cut six days of early voting, ended same-day voter registration, made it harder to vote absentee, and made it more likely that provisional ballots will be rejected. Just days after the bills were signed, Secretary of State Jon Husted, a Republican, announced the elimination of Sunday voting, effectively ending the “Souls to the Polls” drives organized in recent years by many African-American churches. But in response, supporters of voting rights have launched a vigorous, multi-pronged resistance campaign involving new legislation, potential lawsuits, political ads, public education, and even a bid to change the state constitution to strengthen voting rights.”

I encourage everyone to speak out on this issue and tell their elected officials plainly: “Stop your voter suppression and get your hands off my right to vote!!!”

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