Saturday, March 1, 2014

Best Edu for Our Kids (Wink, Wink): Open Your Bible

Today: Two Segments   
(Earth Science and Human Development

Professor Fred Flintstone — Part I: How to tame the wild for your business expansion.

All across the country and primarily the "Bible Belt" — teaching children creationism instead of the scientific theory of evolution, and all at taxpayer expense. 

In Indiana, a report from the state Department of Education reveals that state taxpayers are now footing a nearly $21 million bill to give students a private-school education that previously had been paid by their parents.

In Wisconsin, another report reveals that a $3.2 million new statewide program that sends students to private schools at taxpayer expense mostly serves children who had been getting that privilege paid for by their parents. And the program is due to expand next year.

A footnote to the Wisconsin story: This kind of program had been operating in Milwaukee for years – the same program that recently saw a private school rip off $2 million in taxpayer money, close its doors in the middle of the night, run like hell.

Leaders of that school were then unearthed by Milwaukee journalists in Florida, where they live in a gated community by the beach, operating – not surprisingly – a private religious school that can get taxpayer money from the state just like in old Wisconsin.

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