Monday, February 17, 2014

GOP Varsity Cheer Leaders Warming Up for 2016

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The horses are on the track, they are now entering the gate, and they're off!!!

The WHITE, “Power to Conquer” takes an early lead.

He is followed by the RED, ready for “War.”

Closing the gap on the far turn is the BLACK, “Engaged in Combat.” 

And, making his move as they turn for the home stretch is the PALE, and although he appears somewhat tired and “Famished,” is moving in for the “coup de grâce.”

What a finish – what a race. No, not for the riders, owners, or those who dropped out before the race even began, and surely not for the wildly cheering spectators. 

This will be the last run for today for the losers.

This version of  “Run for the Outhouse” was written and produced by Will E. Makeit, and it was brought to you by Koch. Just like that good old cup of Joe, good to the last drop.

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