Wednesday, January 15, 2014

TPP: NAFTA on Steroids and Really Needs to Fail

Two Graphics Snagged from the ED Show (MSNBC)

Surrounded by all that Green (Profits for Whom)

Good 18-minute segment from the same ED Show here:

What is interesting is the keen focus by DEMS who want to stop the "fast track" vote.  What is fast tracking anyway?

FAST TRACK, 101 (White House site):

Fast track is an expedited procedure for Congressional consideration of trade agreements. It requires Congress to vote on an agreement without reopening any of its provisions, while retaining the ultimate power of voting it up or down. The three essential features of any fast track authority are: 
(1) extensive consultations and coordination with Congress throughout the process;
(2) a vote on implementing legislation within a fixed period of time; and
(3) an up or down vote, with no amendments.
Seems unfair and undemocratic, especially when most GOP Senators, for example, want to block most presidential nominees, yet favor this for "jobs and business.

Stay tuned.

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