Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Congress Dizzy After Sipping TEA — One Lump or Two

Recent Gallup Poll -- Job Approval Rating (JAR) — How's Your Member Doing???

PRINCETON, NJ — Going into 2014, a mere thirteen percent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing, essentially unchanged from December but above the all-time low of 9% from November. Congressional approval has rarely been 20% or higher in the last three years.

From Open Secrets are these two charts that show the trend for House and Senate incumbents returning to office. “Few things in life are more predictable than the chances of an incumbent member of the U.S. House of Representatives winning reelection. With wide name recognition, and usually an insurmountable advantage in campaign cash, House incumbents typically have little trouble holding onto their seats — as the charts show.”

Does there seem to be a huge disconnect between incumbents and their reelection BS lines compared to what they actually do in office assisted by the massive amounts of money and insider deals that keep them in office (mostly by people who can't even vote for them). Then what do they office: more sweet talk and lousy deed as shown by their dismal job approval ratings. Clearly our brand of Democracy is not functioning as intended, and it is clearly out of control.

On top of these fact we can see the basic right to vote being infringed and suppressed. Also, 2012 clearly shows the impact that a handful of billionaires willing to spend whatever it takes to win can do the system (i.e., the Koch brothers alone spend $400 million). Citizens ought to be free to vote and choose the kind of government they want and not what party operatives, Washington insiders, or fat cats want while telling you what you want and whom you need in office.

The record on this set of circumstances is clear, and it must be changed, but how. What are you prepared to do to try and help stop this madness? That is the key question.

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