Sunday, December 8, 2013

Rick Perry is Bacccccccck and Ready to Talk Secession

Gov. Rick “Whoops” Perry (R-TX) is a disgrace to not only Texas-style politics, which can be pretty low-down, nasty and well, just plain awful, but he has reached a new low, or should I say a recycled low: trash talking about secession.

His latest is from this article from Think Progress. The part he regurgitates is this:

The keynote speaker at the 30th Anniversary Gala for the Virginia GOP is Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) - they may want to reconsider, or not.

In a 2010 speech to the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Perry described Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as unconstitutional attacks on “our founding fathers and the boundaries they had put upon the federal government.” 

Perry also believes that the Seventeenth Amendment, which ensures that voters will choose their own senators, was a mistake. And he once suggested that Texas may have to secede from the union.  Yeah that Rick Perry. 

But this update followed the main article: Texas Gov. Rick Perry was supposed to keynote the gala at the annual Republican Party of Virginia “Advance” conference, but an ice storm forced him to cancel. A treacherous forecast also prompted a few hundred attendees to leave here early. So half the ballroom was empty, and only one print reporter remained.

Why would any party or convention or gala invite Perry to speak? That is the most curious part of this story. Why indeed - he is poison and his stance on secession alone is enough to grant his request, before he leaves the governor's office. May I suggest Texas be allowed to secede to Mexico and in the process, ensure that everyone in Texas that wants that, be deported to Mexico without exception. 

BTW: The USSC has ruled that secession is unconstitutional (from Cornell law) and that would be unlawful, as well as Perry's talk that is utterly silly.

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