Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Panel: Shut Down and Scaleback NSA Domestic Snooping

Can Public Protest Have Any Impact --- 

The story from here:  The NSA could significantly change how it gathers information thanks to a new set of recommendations issued by the White House’s intelligence task force. The panel, created by President Obama following the Snowden leaks that revealed widespread surveillance of private citizens has submitted a list of drastic reforms. 

None of these recommendations are final, and all or some, could be rejected by Mr. Obama. Below is a list of those proposals by highlight title — refer to the story link to fill in the details.

1. Shut down the secret collection of bulk phone records.

2. Create an independent entity to monitor government programs that infringe on civilian privacy and liberty.

3. Bolster protections for whistle blowers in the intelligence community.

4. Close loopholes that allow “backdoor” spying through United States-based tech companies.

5. Tighten requirements for security-clearances and no longer using for-profit contractors.

6. Make the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court more accountable to more people.

We are about to see how much our government stands with the people and their privacy rights; not just NSA's right to infringe on that privacy in the name of safety.

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