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NC Leads on Voter Rights: Leads Straight to Hell

North Carolina: Anti-Voter Suppression Rally
Newest GOP Movement: A Move Straight to Hell...

Original Post Follows this Update (December 13, 2013): Yep, and its Friday the 13th. It's as bad as unlucky day as any to post more bad news about the GOP's "War on Voters" (the most-threatening of all attacks if ever there was one aimed at the entire population - this is it).... highlights:

The lady in the picture in the article was sitting down waiting to vote in 2012; now, I suspect a lot of folks will be sitting down waiting on the courts to settle this crazy issue about voter suppression - cause, that is exactly what it is ... blatant, raw, nasty, and downright un-American.

North Carolina’s restrictive voting law will not be struck down before voters go to the polls next fall, after a federal judge ruled Thursday that the trial over the measure won’t take place until 2015.

The decision could make it harder for blacks and Hispanics to vote in the state next fall. It also highlights how the Supreme Court’s weakening of the Voting Rights Act made it much harder to quickly counter laws that limit access to the ballot.

The ruling increases the chances that the law will be in force for the 2014 elections, though it does not guarantee it. Voting rights advocates already have asked for an injunction blocking some provisions from going into effect before the full case is heard.

Both the Justice Department and civil rights groups are challenging the law. Lawyers for DOJ agree with the state that the trial should not take place until 2015, citing the need to compile evidence that it disenfranchises voters. The civil rights groups wanted a trial before next fall’s elections.

The GOP can’t seem to win fair and square, so they cheat anyway possible to win anyway possible. This must not stand.

North Carolina: Nicknamed, the “Tar Heel” state. How about we just call them the “Heel” state instead. NC stands for North Carolina, but today that more likely stands for “Nasty Conservatives.” I do not want to sound or appear too harsh (grin) but you know what, North Carolina state government has earned that title — congrats.

This MSNBC News introduction to the story caught my attention: “The extreme red-state experiment in North Carolina was supposed to be a conservative success story. Instead, a growing backlash is starting to cause the GOP some real pain.” 

The whole story is here. A couple of tidbits I gleaned to start with:

“During an appearance at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C, a key center of power for the conservative movement, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory portrayed himself as a business-minded policy wonk, earnestly extolling the benefits of infrastructure development and government-efficiency measures. He might as well have been describing someone else.”

For the last year, McCrory has engineered a hard-right shift in North Carolina that has crippled millions in his state. His 2012 election gave Republicans control of all three branches of the state’s government for the first time since Reconstruction and they took advantage of it.”

In 2013 alone, North Carolina has (1) said no to expanding Medicaid under Obama-care, (2) approved a tax plan that redistributes wealth from poor to rich, (3) cut education by half a billion dollars, (4) instituted perhaps the toughest voting restrictions in the country, (5) weakened campaign-finance laws, and (6) passed its own version of the Texas controversial abortion measure. In short, the GOP has turned America’s 10th-largest state — traditionally known as a rare bastion of southern moderation — into a massive testing ground for pure conservative ideology.” 

I wanted to add my two cents because I honestly believe this the #1 issue in the country. Voting is the most-important and cherished right of all in America. We seem to take pride in proclaiming to the world that we lead in that freedom — the right to vote and pick the kind of government we want; not the kind someone tells us they think we need.

This right is so fundamental that I have a hard time comprehending how anyone in elected government could or would ever try and make it harder to vote as shown on the map above. What this “GOP movement” ends up showing and proving, however, to the world is what many in the world already believe and profess about us: that we are #1, but as hypocrites.

I have a ton of links and posts on this subject accessible below for your further reading. I ask you to do the research and then do what you can to speak out keeping in mind that in the final analysis: Your voice is your vote.

Voter Suppression Library:

Here is an excellent example of one elderly voter hampered inher effort to vote. There are hundreds if not more, about others being impacted, like Vets, College Students, and a wide range of other Americans:

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