Monday, November 18, 2013

The People vs. NSA vs. Supreme Court: No Contest

Citizens Again in the Background, As Usual: We the People - ha...

Party time at NSA and high-fives all around. Hell, even the Russians and Chinese, thanks to Edward Snowden get a free ration of vodka tonight. Party on, boys. Let the games continue as is. USSC looks the other way.

I LOVE THIS PART:  The Supreme Court is in no hurry to step into the fray when it comes to U.S. surveillance law. Monday, the high court rejected a request to hear a directchallenge to the U.S. government’s bulk collection of communications data collection based on information leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden in June.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote that the plaintiffs’ complaints were “speculative and hypothetical, and that that had no actual knowledge of the government’s targeting practices.”

Of course not Mr. Justice Alito: Why is that? Oh, I see. The reason the plaintiffs had no knowledge was because the way the government had been interpreting the law was a secret.

WTF!!!  So, NSA’s work is so ultra secret that the public has to be held at arm's length, except that Snowden knows and he managed to steal a large chunk of NSA's secrets and take them to Hong Kong and then to Moscow. Whoops!!!

The Court ruling says in essence that the NSA’s work is so secret that it cannot be revealed to the public or challenged. Psst: except that not only do the Russians and Chinese know, but Lord knows who else knows. Yet, the American public is left in the dark because of the secrecy.

What is wrong with this picture, really. The price of safety, right??? Give me a break.

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