Tuesday, November 26, 2013

GOP Reacts to Obama's Idea, Thought, Hunch, Ambition

Mr. Obama as President represents all the people, all the time.

Senators and Representatives do not. They represent interests at their State and District levels first, then the country second (just examine the GOP's tactics).  They have different ideas about how the President should act or in the case of Mr. Obama, react to their every whim.

Therefore I suggest they adopt a new seal as shown above. It fits them perfectly.

Up until now, the GOP has been anti-Obama on everything. In the future, they will, I am sure, still be against Mr. Obama no matter what his next inkling, instinct, intuition, expectation, foreboding, hint, impression, notion, qualm, suspicion, thought, or God forbid, suggestion might be. Even for a good thing like a law that might benefit the general public and especially people in dire need, like providing them with good affordable health care that does not cost them an arm and leg or cause them to lose their home and life's savings just to pay the next medical bill.

What would please the GOP anyway? Oh, yeah - a few words of my own: For Mr. Obama to go along with everything they want, no matter what it is or how outlandish or even weird, far out, quirky, zany, eccentric, funny, idiosyncratic, odd, unconventional,  unorthodox, bizarre, unusual, singular, strange, extraordinary, unfamiliar, peculiar, curious, offbeat, off the wall, way out, wacky, and sometimes freaky, kooky, kinky, oddball, or out in left field. 

That's my message for today. I'm done now.

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