Thursday, November 21, 2013

Afghanistan: American Forces Image Makeover at Work

This photo of an Afghan police officer on duty guarding a village where elders are meeting to discuss and agree to the U.S.-Afghan security pact underscores the progress this country has made ... his appearance resembles an American soldier or SWAT officer, or even an actor on "24" from CTU. That's the image I mean with this posting and that country's makeover:

More from the story:

Think war is not a racket as described in a famous book of the same title, then think again... for Afghanistan it's a long term cash cow.

After a war that stands as the longest in American history, the security agreement defines a training and counter-terrorism mission in Afghanistan lasting at least 10 more years and involving 8,000 to 12,000 troops, mostly American.

Despite the sometimes harsh criticism from Afghan officials during the negotiations, the agreement includes concessions that the Obama administration could not win from Iraq during a similar process in 2011, leading to the final withdrawal of American troops there.

Now, the United States has at least an initial agreement from Afghan officials that American soldiers will not face Afghan prosecution in the course of their duties. And United States Special Operations forces will retain leeway to conduct anti-terrorism raids on private Afghan homes — a central American demand that Afghan officials had resisted and described as the last sticking point in negotiations.

In the end, the Obama administration and the Karzai government had more reason to agree than disagree, according to officials on both sides. American officials do not want to see Afghanistan again become a haven for terrorists after it spent billions of dollars and thousands of lives in the war.

And the Afghan leadership knows that more than $4 billion in annual international security assistance would simply not flow absent an American military presence to account for it.

Our involvement there may make the 100-years war (that actually lasted 116 years) look puny in comparison ... I am not in favor of this – not one bit. 

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