Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Win-Lose vs. Win-Win: Politics vs. Nation's Welfare

GOP May Ask for Bailout — Ouch...
Dollar Status As Default Approaches

Intro to the Article Cited Below: What does science say about the most successful negotiations? Are our Congressional lawmakers negotiating to end the shutdown and prevent default doing anything right? A simple yes or no will suffice (Hint: Apparently yes is off the table).

“Right now, they are reflecting about what bad negotiators do based on decades of research,” says Michele Gelfand, a professor of psychology at the University of Maryland and an editor of “The Handbook of Negotiation and Culture.” 

Professor Gelfand says a large body of research shows that negotiators are heavily influenced by factors like the degree to which they view a problem as a “win-lose” (vs. the accepted: win-win — a term they love to use as they high-five and slap each other on the back after a “good deal” is reached).  Win-lose is a situation about how accountable they feel to others who share their interests. So far, that “win-lose” mentality is really interfering with a fiscal deal.
This was swiped from this source (some editing on my part).  A great read.

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