Saturday, October 26, 2013

Start New Job Today: Don't Forget Lunch, Cell, and Gun

Workstation: PC, Coffee Cup, Calendar, Pens, Pencils, Paper and Glock: Check, All Set

Are we going totally insane as a civilized nation — sure seems like it. To wit this story caught my eye — a must read:

“Bring your kid to work? Sure. Bring your dog to work? No problem.  Bring your gun to work? In many states, packing heat on the job is a legally protected right.”

“A spate of state laws, many enacted recently, pit recreational shooters and gun-rights advocates against human resources and labor law professionals.”

“In more than half of states an employer is legally required to let employees bring their guns to work and keep them in their parked cars.”

My Q:
 What if the parked car is several hundred yards away and you believe you need it to whatever? I see absolutely no purpose for these laws – work place safety is more important than a redneck goober packing heat to work. I see this as a way to appease gun nuts, the NRA, GOP supporters, and goobers with less than a GED level education. To defend themselves against what: Obama-care, the wild-ass Kenyan, and president bent on taking us to communism or worse? Give me a break. This is insane.

As I said, let's review our workstation: P/C on, check; Calculator, check; Coffee cup, check; Fax up and running, check; Storage room keys, check; Things to do list, check; Calendar of meetings, check; and old trusty Glock 19 (easy to bid on-line, too) with 5 extra mags, check. All set.  

So, what’s on my the schedule for today??? I guess if things turn South and I feel the urge about being bullied or pissed off or the boss is on my ass all day, I could just shoot him or anyone nearby. But, wait, hell, they might be armed, too. Damn, never mind.

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