Friday, October 18, 2013

Sen. McConnell Rapes System with Damn Dam Deal

Sen. Mitch "Mr. Peepers" McConnell (R-KY): Flimflam Artist

Most of us have a problem with "earmarks" I know I do. Most citizens, well, just accepted them as "part of politics as usual." 

What are they anyway? The official government definition is from OMB and worded this way:

"Earmarks are funds provided by the Congress for projects, programs, or grants where the purported congressional direction (whether in statutory text, report language, or other communication) circumvents otherwise applicable merit-based or competitive allocation processes, or specifies the location or recipient, or otherwise curtails the ability of the executive branch to manage its statutory and constitutional responsibilities pertaining to the funds allocation process." (In plain language: pet projects for the folks back home for votes and support of the monetary kind).

As I said, the public has grown accustomed to the incumbents getting earmarks and “bringing home the bacon,” as they like to say. I am sure some of the projects are worthwhile. But, let’s face it, this dam deal that McConnell got in the middle of settling the shutdown mess and debt ceiling talks, etc., is well, over the line.

He professes he had nothing to do with the deal as he tries to explain here (which I call McConnell Büllshït 101). It is a simple and weak excuse and for those who know McConnell and how he operates, it’s no surprise he got this deal (not to mention he is expecting a tough primary next year, too).

In his prepared statement, he stands by his “nothing-to-see-here story” just one day after the shutdown deal was made and the news broke about his deal. He notes that both the House and Senate had easily passed separate pieces of legislation containing the funding hike for the KY project, which I note is already over budget that dates back to the contract award date in 1992 as the work started in 1994:

“The Army Corps requested it, both House and Senate passed an authorization for it, and every senator — every single one — had a chance to review it and ask for it to be taken out. The toughest guy on so-called earmarks in our conference, [Senator] Tom Coburn (R-OK), reviewed every single one of these. And some members kicked out other requests. Nobody kicked this one out. I rest my case.”

Memo to Mitch: What a louse you are, really. 

What you meant to say was: “Hey, my fingerprints are not on this $3 billion sweetheart deal. Not one bit. Nope, not me. And, not only no, but hell no!!!” 

Now, watch him get reelected ... they always do, don't they. 

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