Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ACA Myth and Bogus Spin About People Being Dropped

Most is, Well, Well ... Just Pure Old Fashioned BS

Sgt. Joe Friday (the old Dragnet TV series) used to tell people he interviewed: “Just the facts, ma'am.”

We sure need some facts now relating to the faux (or Fox) hype about people losing their coverage under Obama-care. From FOX you say - gosh, who'da thunk it right.

This little aspect is being left out of the spin and guess what, on purpose mostly.

For example, CBS News neglected to note in several stories that people would likely qualify for subsidies that would reduce the cost of their coverage and not directly related to ACA implementation.

Having said that, a lot of news organizations have been skimming the country for cases on the transition to ACA (first hand stories as it were). Even though some people would prefer to keep their current plan, more detail on what that plan provides vis-à-vis  the new ACA plan as a non-optional component of coverage is much more complex than a 20-second sound byte. 

For example, a middling hospital stay under most current plans could very well bankrupt policy holders.

Now, the goodie: Don't rely on “Fox & Friends” to belabor that dimension of the story. 

That is not FOX's aim: Including the truth as part of their so-called fair and balanced reporting.

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