Thursday, September 5, 2013

To Russia With No Love — I Am Flaming

Locked and Loaded With Finger on the Trigger
Image: Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomes President Barack Obama at the start of the G-20
Message from Russia??? Only Time Will Tell (Vlad sure ain't)

Photo of President Obama meeting with President Putin is from NBC news:  The caption: “President Barack Obama shook hands with Vladimir Putin as he arrived for a tense G-20 summit Thursday, a day after the Russian president accused Secretary of State John Kerry of “lying” to Congress over Syria. The pair exchanged formal greetings in front of cameras in St. Petersburg at the start of the two-day meeting, which is scheduled to focus on economic issues but will be overshadowed by the international response to chemical weapons in Syria.”

photo of one site here... The situation in Syria is tense to say the least. Assad I am sure feels extensive 
pressure. But, his closest ally, Iran, seems ready to prop him up and keep him in power. These two snippets from Iran:

2.  We will support Syria to the end, says Iranian Quds (or Qods) Force Commander, Qassem Soleimani. 

Those two stories prompted me to post my Tomahawk cruise missile message for Assad and now, perhaps for Iranian leaders, too. Folks, this is gonna get real ugly real fast

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