Monday, August 26, 2013

Knock, Knock — Who's There — Duck — Duck Who

                           Air and Naval Forces have Targets Acquired: Waiting for CinC Orders

All U.S. Options on the Table and Ready

I can support limited Naval or air strikes on suspected Syrian chemical sites or areas where the chemical weapons were fired from or stored. Other than that, the Arab countries in the region must stand up to Assad and pitch in and respond — it is their backyard. The world community must speak with one voice and any U.S. military action must have full UN and international support, even though we can probably not count on Russia except to oppose any UN resolution against Syria - their big arms buyer.

A good run down is here from various sources, including many members of Congress, GOP included, naturally, since most of them want the drums of war to be re-tuned — you know, that jobs thingy.

I think Colin Powell's views and opinions are more aligned with my own as he stated recently on FACE THE NATION here. 

Key points: (1) Syria a Civil War, (2) the U. S. can't influence any outcome, (3) afterwards, which side that has control, what do they do then, (4) and is al-Qaeda and others of that ilk involved? There are still many unanswered questions. But, the use of chemical weapons is reason for the entire world to react against Assad and forces, if in deed, they are the ones who employed them - we need to know. And, it needs to be stopped. Thus, the U.S. must move carefully and with complete resolve with massive world support and backing - we cannot and must not go it alone - not any more in that region.

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