Wednesday, August 7, 2013

GOPers Openly Hate Obama-care — Like It Covertly

States and Obama-Care Exchange Map Status  

Tell me this is not true. Go ahead and try your level best (Hint: It can't be done)

Update (August 7, 2013): Update is shown on the map above - it comes from here and it has plenty of good links to facts and figures about Obama-care ... it is worth your time to do the research. For sure, the GOP will not provide any of those things.

Original post follows from here: Einstein had it down pat with his quote and that logic is depicted in very simply terms in this 7-minute video presentation put out by the  the Kaiser Family Foundation regarding: Understanding Obama-care.

More updates later I am sure, however, the bottom line is this in simple terms: The GOP will resist as long as they can and as long as possible to gain as many political points as possible. Then they will fold their hands and dash away in utter frustration.

Obama-care needs a chance to be fully implemented and then if minor fixes are needed, do them... but give it a chance.

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