Sunday, June 2, 2013

Freedom is Not Free — Ask a Veteran or Family Member

                                                             The Ultimate Price For Freedom

The Cost For Those Who Served

"Freedom is not free" was first coined by retired Air Force Colonel Walter Hitchcock of New Mexico Military Institute. That idiom expresses gratitude for the service of members of the military, implicitly stating that the freedoms enjoyed by many citizens in many democracies are only possible through the voluntary risks taken and sacrifices made by those in the military. The saying is often used to convey respect specifically to those who gave their lives in defense of freedom.

"Freedom is Not Free" is also engraved on the Wall at the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC.

This story popped up from the Washington Post and appears to be timely in view of the budget and fiscal mess in Congress and the battles that lie ahead regarding the debt ceiling and those dreaded automatic cuts, of which a lot will hit DOD.

I suspect the tensions will increase regarding how to pay the military and retirees based on this story.

It should be an interesting exercise in judgment and will power about the nation's commitment to our Veterans and their families before, during, and after war.

Some will say "sacrifice is needed by everyone." I ask: Haven't our troops sacrificed enough already?

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