Monday, June 17, 2013

A Crazy Thing Happened on the Path of Freedom

Bill Day ("Mugged") Captures the Mood of the Country

We heard it after 9/11:  "This changes everything."  Boy, did it, and I still ask: Why did it change everything. Our sworn enemies didn't change anything or everything. I mean they aren't too forthcoming with their most highly-classified secrets - are they?

The ACLU examines the Pros and Cons of the PATRIOT ACT here.

NPR does a great job with their analysis of the PATRIOT ACT  and the renewal debate here.

Both sets of views are worth reviewing. The basic problem as I see it today is still that many members of congress still do not know what they approved and voted on to pass, and certainly not the specifics we see popping out literally every single day. 

Those now in office are applying their best tool (designed to stay in office and show their resolve for their supporters back home). That tool is anger and blame anyone in sight (except themselves). Now they apply all sorts of knee-jerk reactions as they always do, after the fact.

Far too many still cling to the notion that 9/11 "changed" everything, and I still ask and wonder why.

Our sworn enemies did not change their MO - changed and refined their tactics, yes, and we are still refining ours, but somewhat overboard (as usual) - since that is the American way: overkill as it were.

We have done a pretty good job of catching and trying many terrorists and locking them up. In war for over a decade, we certainly have killed a lot of them, too. Not so sure they all were sworn enemies or terrorists in the truest sense of that word. 

The laws that protect us have plenty of flaws ... the duty of congress is to fix those flaws and keep us safe and the laws working ... not a huge blanket full of holes that some jerk can release to the entire planet because he disagrees with the law and is angry or pissed off at his supervisor, or whatever (the Edward Snowden case), and then a holier-than-thou media (e.g., The Guardian) prints the stuff and calls it "freedom of the press" and all without any regard to what that means. And, again, are our sworn enemies allow their most high-classified secrets to be released to the us? Not the last time I looked.

Congress: Do your job, 'cause right now you are not.

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